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Mrs Janet Anne Mary HOWARD
1937 to 2017

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Eulogy for Mrs Janet Anne Mary Howard

Written by Stephen Slater: Janet's youngest son.

i. I would like to say a few words, about my beautiful Mother: Janet Anne Mary Howard

ii. I am truly blessed to have a mother that has raised me in the Catholic faith: a mother that has taught me how to love: a mother that has taught me to forgive and never judge other people. Most of all, a mother that has taught me that God loves each one of us equally; that each one of us is Gods' most precious child! Janet Anne Mary Howard is truly one of Gods' most precious children!

iii. Janet loved her Lord and God, and she loved others too. Janet had time for everyone she met; she would always seek the presence of Christ in each one of us.

iv. Janet was born in 1937 - in Lanarkshire, Scotland. When she was just 2 years old, the Second World War had broken out; in 1945 when the war ended, Janet was 7 years old and her Daddy was posted to Germany.

v. Janet was boarded at a French speaking school in Brussels; she was a young Scottish girl, living in Germany, being schooled in Belgium and speaking French.

vi. Janet the little Scot, made friends with a little English girl named 'Anne Malarky'. Their friendship grew and flourished; Janet and Anne continued to be very close friends, right up to the present day! From a very early age, Janet made many friends; she continued to make many friends throughout the course of her adult life.

vii. Janet was an 'only child' who loved her mummy: Mary Magdalen Stephenson and her daddy: George Herbert Stephenson, very much indeed. In March 1967, at 29 years old, Janet sadly lost her daddy to cancer. Janet was at the hospital with mummy, when her daddy passed away. Shortly after her daddy passed away, Janet married her true love: a gifted classical pianist, organist and composer: John Atkin Slater. Janet conceived with her first child in the winter of 1968, giving birth to her first-born son: my elder brother Peter, in July 1969.

viii. Shortly after Peter was born, Janet conceived with child for a second time. During her second pregnancy (with me), Janet lost her beautiful, amazing mother: Mary Magdalen; Peter was only a few months old, and the unexpected death of her mother, was a very sad and tragic loss for Janet.

ix. Aged 32, Janet had lost both of her parents; her marriage to my father had been annulled, and Janet was now on her own with two very small children.

x. Janet had two very close friends: a married couple named Jean and Maurice. They supported Janet through these difficult times, often caring for Peter and I. Jean and Maurice continued to be (very close), life-long friends of Janet.

xi. Following the annulment of her first marriage to my father, Janet was free to marry. In the year of 1974, Janet fell in love with a strong, upright man named Paul Arnold Howard: a hard working, highly skilled Carpenter and Joiner; Paul had two little girls: Dawn and Jane. Paul and Janet married in 1975.

xii. Paul and Janet, (now Mrs Janet Howard), successfully raised two boys: Peter and I, and two girls: my two sisters Dawn and Jane, right through to adulthood.

xiii. Janet always treated Paul's two girls: Dawn and Jane, with the same degree of love and respect as she did, her own two boys: Peter and I.

xiv. In her later years, Janet suffered with a number of very painful and debilitating medical conditions, but very seldom did she ever complain of her suffering and pain; in a word, my dear mother was a soldier; a soldier of Christ. My mother always told me that she was blessed to have her faith, and very blessed to have so many people that loved her, and cared for her.

xv. It is true to say that mother did indeed, have many people that loved and cared for her: good friends and of course, all her family members including Peter and I. For over 20 years, one of Janet's most dedicated loving supporters was Julie, her amazing daughter-in-law. Julie would do anything for Janet, in a heartbeat - come rain or shine - day or night: always with great love and affection: not a sense of duty.

xvi. Julie's great love for Janet was truly palpable; Janet's love for Julie was equally palpable. Julie loved Janet so much, that whenever Janet was in need, or just having a difficult time - Julie was 'Concern' itself.

xvii. Speaking on behalf of Peter and I - Our beautiful mother Janet Anne Mary, has truly given every ounce of herself to the service of Our Lord; always helping those in need; caring deeply about the plight of others; praying for each one of us, and most of all, asking Christ, (every day), to use her as an instrument of His love.

xviii. Mother joined the Parish of St. Patrick in 1989, when she moved to the Plumstead area; she was truly dedicated to this Parish in every way, attending Mass each Sunday for 25 years, right up until these past few years when sadly she became housebound. Our dear mother was so dedicated to the Parish of St. Patrick in Plumstead, that she elected to use her own home to the service of Christ, hosting the Bible Study group, each Wednesday, every week, for the last 7 years; often-times, too poorly to join in.

xix. Our dearest mother, Janet Anne Mary, was truly the most beautiful soul I will ever know: Endearing, loving, kind, honest and generous to a fault. Janet leaves behind her Children, her grandchildren, and her 3-year-old Great-Grandson, 'little Danté Paul' who, she loved dearly; equally, Janet leaves behind many friends and family, who she loved very much too.

xx. Peter and I truly love our mother DEARLY; we firmly believe that our great loss is a great loss shared by each one of you.

Yours in Jesus, Mary & Joseph,

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