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Mrs Janet Anne Mary HOWARD
1937 to 2017

Photo gallery

Book of condolences

Our Lady of Grace whom Janet loved so much

Montage Memorial to Janet, by Stephen (Janet's youngest son)

Janet's favourite painting of Our Lady: 'Madonna del dito' by Agnes Dolci, circa 1680

Janet Cradling her 2-day-old Great-Grandson Dante Paul (July 2013)

Janet (centre) with her two boys: Peter (left); Stephen (right) 07 July 2012

Janet's Lord and Saviour: Jesus Christ

Our Lady of Guadalupe Pray for Us!

Janet took great inspiration from this profound 'Charles de Foucauld' quote.

Janet found this image of the young Blessed Virgin cradling baby Jesus, so endearing.

Janet took the Confirmation name of St. Therese (The Little Flower) in 1945.

Speaking of Pope John Paul II, Janet often said, "Oh! I'm sure the man is a Saint!"

Profound quote of C.S Lewis, one of Janet's favourite all time writers.
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