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Robert Hilary TOMALSKI
1953 to 2001

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Just to say I still find it difficult to not hear Bob's cheery voice on the end of a telephone or indeed in my store. In 2008 he was the original "Jason Bradbury" and the video clips shown on this site shows what a Pro Bob was. Miss you Bob, taken away far too early. Best 73 Martin Lynch ML&S 2008

Martin Lynch
Chertsey UK
knew bob since the ealry seventies and shared some fantastic times in the pirate days with the roof top locations, the live broadcasts, silly stuff at bobs studio, great chats, good currys and the pub get togethers and also to be able to share some up and coming new bit of kit or technology like one of the first satellite phones he brought to a pub and the effort that had to be made to try and contact the person sitting next to him, a magic moment.
Sadly missed old mate.... steve.

sutton surrey
Bob was an extremely talented guy who loved to use his skills for the benefit and enjoyment of many people. He would do this even in the face of oppression from the authorities and risk of prosecution. Although it cost me my job and everything I had, I consider it my great privilege to have stood beside Bob Tomalski in court, and have it recorded that I had been an accomplice to the most talented, best informed and enjoyable broadcaster in modern times.
Bob was always a center of attraction at his local pub in Mitcham, and I enjoyed his company immensely.
Bob, you'll be sadly missed.

John Darrington
Perth, Western Australia
Condolences to Bob's friends and family. Had great respect for this man's views and advice.
Rest in peace Bob, you will be greatly missed.

Donegal, Ireland
Just a note on behalf of all the crew at Radio Netherlands. We were
extremely saddened to hear the news and we all feel a loss. Bob was a
regular contributor to Media Network on Radio Netherlands, from the days
when he was one of the voices on the pirate station EMR...European Music
Radio. His love for technology shone through and he made a big impact in the
jurno press by being brutally honest and fair. We'll miss his laugh and his
passion for radio.

Our tribute page is at http://www.rnw.nl/realradio/html/tomalski010118.html

Let’s celebrate a life that gave a lot of people around the world a great deal of fun. It is cruel that it was so short.

Jonathan Marks
Bob was inspirational in my life. From his help with Ham radio to Skyline
Radio, he remained a loyal friend, always with time to spend answering my
many questions. He will be sorely missed. Even so I'm sure he is now
advising higher powers.

Jef Harris
I only learned of the premature death of Bob Tomalski on LBC this morning (Wednesday).
My deepest sympathy's go out to his family and friends.
Let me say that come Saturday mornings I would listen intently to his every word when he appeared with Jon Briggs as Inspector Gadget on LBC.
He also gave us great pleasure introducing the latest gadgets on Sky News Technofile programme not forgetting his regular appearance on Sky Digital's .TV programme Roadtest.

Rest In Peace Bob

Mary English
Dublin, Ireland
Sadly missed.

Garry Whyte
I never met him yet he was a friend, I never spoke to him yet he was a friend. I only ever watched him do his spot on Sky News Technofile, and could not fail but be enthralled by his infectious banter and natural enthusiasm for the gadgets and technological innovations that he was so brilliant at explaining to the novice and professional alike. I only wish that just once I could have met the man and shared with him some of what he gave to so many, or E-mailed my thanks for many lessons he has taught me over the past twelve months.

I usually never miss Technofile, and only found out about Bobs sad passing recently, his contribution to his field and to the program will be greatly missed, as will he. He will be a hard act to follow should anyone have the courage to try and do so.

I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to Bob's family and his many friends all over the world, they must be devastated, and may he rest in peace and continue to do what he did best wherever he is.

David Berry - Wrexham
Really gutted and send my sincere wishes to Bobs Family, will be missed.

Marc Rapley
Regrettably we have never been able to receive TechnoFile here in the USA, but I used very much to enjoy listening to Bob's Gadget Guru spots on Radio Netherlands 'Media Network' show. His passing came as a great shock to me personally, and I sincerely offer my deepest condolences to his family and friends.

I too am a Londoner, born in 1953 (the same age as Bob), and like Bob, I'm a little overweight. My guess is Bob had never previously had any serious indication of heart problems, and his first attack was massive and fatal. If it's any comfort to Bob's family, please know that I will now take my own health a lot more seriously, and that perhaps because of Bob's all too soon departure, my own family will benefit from my presence longer than might otherwise have been the case. I will remember him always.....

Ray Robinson
Los Angeles, California
I worked closely with Bob on Technofile. He was a natural communicator, and his enthusiasm for the material was obvious -- and infectious. Bob was always a pleasure to be with; always patient, always cheerful and brimming with ideas.

I'll never forget the phone calls: "GREETINGS! Bob T here and I've got a BRILLIANT story!" -- and they always were brilliant, too.

James Weeks, former Producer of Technofile
Bob was wonderful to listen to and even better to work with in our 5 years together at Talk Radio and LBC. Last year we were working on a new radio project, which is now sadly destined for my ears only.

I'll always remember him lugging his big bag of gadgets into the studio each week and opening it up with such enthusiasm, to show me the latest gizmo he'd found. Even when we weren't working and just out for a drink, he'd bring along something he knew I'd be amazed to see.

He truly was one of the good guys and for me, his talent as a broadcaster was matched only by his kind, generous (and sometimes deeply mischievous) nature. ;-)

Goodbye Bob and thanks for everything - I won't forget you!

SEAN BOLGER - Broadcaster and Voice-Over
Dear All readers of this web message

He was a REAL STAR of gadgets on TECHNOFILE he will be missed by all people in meda general public alike and Me the writer of this E-mail bob had away with words that we ALL would BOLDLY SEAK NEW GADGETS TO CHANGE AND IMSPIRE US ALL WITH THE WOW FACKTER he really put the TECH in to TECHNOFILE he will be FILED in the WOW FILE and OOW FILE and AR.

I hope this speaks for all who new BOB and Family


David Hubbard
It was a true shock to get the message that Bob had left us. I've known him through the mutual interests of radio, music and stereo since the mid-70's. No where in the world have I learned a person with such an attitude. Always friendly, always optimistic, always enthusiastic. Never ever patronizing anybody.

Living in Sweden, we didn't meet all that often. But over so many years we still kept in touch. And he got quite a few friends over here too... as in many other countries... I'm aware.

Being in London in November 2000 I met him one night at a pub in Tooting, Later I sent him an e-mail, telling him how nice it was to see him (what I felt) so enthusiastic, healthy and powerful. It is therefore so sad to now know I was obviously wrong!

I know all his friends in London will miss him very much. Living so far away, it still feels like I have lost a truly close friend.

Rest in peace, Boblett!

Dick Gustavsson
I worked with Bob for more than ten years - first on Radio 5 (as it was then) and latterly as a contributor for reports on BBC News. If ever I needed advice on technology stories, he was tirelessly helpful, generous and always good humored.

It was therefore a shock to hear of his death on Sky News but not just on a professional level. He was such a nice bloke and, most recently, helped me choose my DVD player! Gadget guru to the end. And after seeing his flat for the first time last year, I'm sure his heavenly abode comes complete with surround sound, remote control and a webcam.

My thoughts are with his family

Sue Nelson
Science Correspondent, BBC News.
Hi, so sad to hear of Bob's demise. Deep sympathy to all Bob's family and many friends.
I was one of Bob's DJs at Radio Invicta in the 70s. I was always amazed and in awe of his professionalism and technical expertise. He was always kind, understanding and never panicked even when it all went pear shaped or a technical problem reared its ugly head.
Of particular note were the Bank Holiday, 48 hour (genuinely) live broadcasts. One of the first uses that I am aware of for an infra-red link for transmissions! Later when we progressed to live shows at various London venues, the crowds were always appreciative of the professional turn out that echoed the radio station. Both were a wonderful vehicle for the music that he loved so much.
I am sure that were he is now he will be organizing the mother all gigs. What a line up - Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, et al. I am sure that if we all "twiddle our aerials" we may just hear Bob's tones doing the intros.
"Put a dip in your hip, a glide in your stride and some muscle in your hustle."

Phil Sommerville aka 'Dr Shotgun'
Congratulations on such a fitting tribute to Bob, by maintaining his website. I was involved in the periphery of Invicta from 1979 until about 1982 and became close friends with Bob. After my finding work out of the Mitcham area, our ways parted as Bob's career soared to comparatively dizzy heights :-)

Occasionally, over the subsequent years, we would bump into each other at Amateur Radio fairs, (usually ending up sampling the local real ales), or exchange some light hearted banter on 2M.

But my enduring memories of Bob will always be of his larger-than-life personality, his sparkling wit and his irrepressible enthusiasm for his favorite subject - Technology. To his friends, he was a kind, generous and gentle hearted man who will be sorely missed.


Andy Woolford aka Paul Scott (Scotty)
I was shattered to read today in Home Cinema Choice the sad news. I always looked forward to reading his column as he loved the technical intricacies as I do. We had much conversation a few years ago about DVD region code cracking as this was my pet hobby-horse. I am sure that like many thousands of others his knowledge and personality will be missed.

Clive Kay
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