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Robert Hilary TOMALSKI
1953 to 2001

Photo gallery

Book of condolences

A collage of images showcasing some of Bob's memorabilia.

On one of his many overseas investigative trips.

Tut tut Bob

Tapes of classified Army anti-terrorist exercises in Northern Ireland, found by Bob at a car-boot sale.

At his funeral

An early one of Bob at 18 months with his mum

Another one of young Boblett

Bob in 1954 with mum and we believe his Dad as Father Christmas.

Rare colour shot with his mum Mrs "T", Gladys

Bob's first job was at Davis Photographic in New Malden

Looking for Ham Radio goodies at a the Burnham Beeches Radio rally.

Everyone at 3 should have a teddy

Even at 15 he was more often behind a camera than in front of one.

Aibo meets Bob!

He was rarely happier than when he was behind a microphone.

Gizmo hunting in China

Outside Davis Photographic.

Bob (Roger Tate) in the Invicta studio 1979

Bob was a very accomplished photographer and freelanced for the local press.

One of the Invicta transmitters that he built.

On holiday visiting Goonhilly and its "dish farm"

Paying his respects to Marconi at Poldhu

BBC interview in 1996 about finding secret MOD tapes at car boot sale. See scrapbook.

Bob's feline "Michi", named after Nakamichi, the Hi Fi manufacturer

On Sky Television's Technofile programe.

In the Invicta studio.

The Invicta studio that Bob built in his flat.
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